Jersey WaterCheck: Connecting You to New Jersey’s Water

Jersey Water Works created Jersey WaterCheck to support the goal of solving New Jersey’s water infrastructure challenges using information. Solving New Jersey’s water infrastructure challenges will lead to healthier, safer neighborhoods; local jobs; flood and climate resilience; and economic growth.

Jersey WaterCheck:

  • Includes every drinking water and wastewater system in New Jersey on one easy-to-use website.
  • Combines data from public sources and information from utilities for the people that rely on these services
  • Connects people to important information about water and wastewater systems in our community and throughout the state
  • Helps New Jerseyans learn why our water and wastewater systems are investing in water infrastructure improvements

Jersey WaterCheck will help consumers understand their local water and sewer systems, the role these systems play in community public health, and ways to become a “water citizen.” For utilities, Jersey WaterCheck can help demonstrate progress, showcase public health commitment to the community, and facilitate learning best practices between peers. Jersey WaterCheck creates the knowledge we need to improve New Jersey’s water infrastructure for individuals, communities, utilities, and our state’s leaders.

Jersey WaterCheck General One-Pager

Frequently Asked Questions about Jersey WaterCheck

Register for the March 18 Jersey WaterCheck webinar to learn how this online resource connects people to important information about water and wastewater systems in our community and throughout the state.

Jersey Water Works first conceived of the idea of a data dashboard in 2016 as the collaborative worked to identify how to create a call to action among water infrastructure stakeholders. By supporting continuous learning and informing strategic interventions, Jersey WaterCheck will accelerate the improvement of water infrastructure as detailed in the infographic below.



Jersey WaterCheck was created by a collaborative process that included input from a data advisory committee, a utility coalition, utility associations, consumer focus group, and Jersey Water Works committee members. Jersey Water Works backbone staff at New Jersey Future managed the project with the support of consultants.A coalition of select utility members played a vital role in user testing and providing feedback on metric descriptions during the dashboard creation. 

The JWW data advisory committee provides guidance to this project since its inception based on their varied perspectives. Members include:

  • G. Christian Andreasen, Jr., P.E., Middlesex Water Company
  • Monique Girona, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
  • Wynnie-Fred Victor Hinds, Newark Environmental Commission; Clean Water Action
  • Sarah Neiderer, Moonshot Missions
  • Daniel J. Van Abs Ph.D., PP/FAICP, Rutgers University, School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
  • Kevin Whitney, Atlantic County Utilities Authority

Jersey Water Works measurement system (downloadable version)

In 2016, the collaborative proposed an aspirational measurement system to track its progress toward accomplishing those goals. The graphic below provides a detailed breakdown of this aspirational measurement system. It outlines indicators that help track progress, providing feedback to Jersey Water Works members and committees about whether their strategies are succeeding and where they need refinement.

Decoding the System:


Goals and Subgoals:

What we are working to achieve



What we will measure to track progress


By 2020:

What we want to see by 2020







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