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Data Advisory Committee

Change Committee
    1. Release the fourth update of JWC metrics, including addition of new data story page focused on lead.
    2. Release thematic quarterly data stories using JWC data in collaboration with JWW committees and other stakeholders.
    1. Release third update of JWC metrics, including addition of new data related to lead pipes and WQAA. 
    2. Release a statewide analysis of water infrastructure progress using JWC data. Highlight successful communities and their underlying conditions. 
    3. Showcase two water utilities that have replaced lead pipes or completed other capital improvement projects through case studies that explain the costs involved.
    1. Release a 2.0 version of Jersey WaterCheck by Dec. 1 based on user feedback and JWW committee recommendations. Include updated data for existing metrics, new metrics, and website enhancements. 
    2. Release two short video explainers on JWC metrics by the July membership meeting. 
    3. Partner with Sustainable Jersey to work with two pilot communities to create community water stories using Jersey WaterCheck data. Host the content on Jersey WaterCheck.
    4. Leverage existing partnerships to conduct a peer-to peer-learning forum with emerging utility leaders on best practices in a data transparent world.
    5. Utilize Jersey WaterCheck data to identify utilities serving at-risk communities and advocate for targeted technical and financial assistance.
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