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Data Advisory Committee

Change Committee

The invisible nature of water and sewer infrastructure means data plays an essential role in showing progress, while identifying opportunities for improvement and investment. Transparent data on water systems is essential to keeping citizens safe.

Jersey Water Works created the Data Advisory Committee, made up of members with a diverse set of subject matter expertise, to create a data dashboard that showcases New Jersey’s water metrics and provides the transparency that we need to monitor water quality across the state.

 In February 2021, Jersey WaterCheck was launched—a collaboration between the Data Advisory Committee, a utility coalition, utility associations, consumer focus groups, and Jersey Water Works committee members. In addition, Jersey Water Works’ backbone staff at New Jersey Future managed the project with the support of consultants, and a coalition of select utility members played a vital role in user testing and providing feedback on metric descriptions during the dashboard creation.

Jersey WaterCheck is the first of its kind in New Jersey, featuring data on water infrastructure from multiple sources in one place to tell the story of New Jersey’s water and sewer systems. The user-friendly web-based dashboard is designed for a wide audience with a range of easy-to-understand metrics.


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Committee initiatives and work include:

Infrastructure Solutions

Policy recommendations, white papers, fact sheets, and reports.

Water Communications

Customizable resources for communicating the value of upgrading our water infrastructure, including funding stormwater management.

Community Engagement

The work Jersey Water Works and our members are doing to promote equitable water infrastructure solutions.

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