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Water Workforce Task Force

Water Workforce Task Force

Change Committee
  1. Developed Water Workforce Utility Pilot Program with Hudson County Community College and partnered with Veolia, NJ Water Association Apprenticeship Program, and NJ Utility Association. New Jersey Future received funding from Bank of America for the project (15 participants enrolled, 14 completed, 5 new internships created).
  2. Convened partners to advocate for the creation of a career pathway with New Jersey Community College Consortium of Workforce and Economic Development, NJ Pathways to Career Opportunities, the DELTA cohort of Spring Point Partners, at the Autumn NJ WEA Conference, via the Water Table Workforce Committee (Delaware Estuary) and the US Water Alliance. 
  3. Launched the Emerging Water Leaders of Color Leadership Circle with funding from Spring Point Partners and in partnership with AGN Consulting, enrolled ten leaders.
  1. Convened partners to advance water workforce conversation. 
  2. Engaged several new stakeholders to advance goals including two community colleges, NJ Pathway to Career Opportunities from the Community College Consortium, two independent training contractors, workforce development boards, and the Department of Labor in conversations about water workforce.
  3. Raised awareness of water workforce opportunities via monthly newsletters, social media, four published blogs, and JWW annual conference.
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