New Jersey’s water infrastructure needs an estimated $25 billion in upgrades over the next 20 years. What can we do about it?

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For every dollar invested in water infrastructure, $2.62 is generated in all industries in the same year.

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New Jersey's leaking pipes lose an estimated 130 million gallons of treated drinking water a day.

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Every year, New Jersey sewer systems dump over 7 billion gallons of raw sewage into our waterways.

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Jersey Water Works is working to transform New Jersey’s inadequate water infrastructure through sustainable, cost-effective solutions that provide communities with clean water and waterways; healthier, safer neighborhoods; local jobs; flood and climate resilience; and economic growth.

Want Clean Water Included in New Federal Spending Plan? Sign on by Jan. 15

The members of Jersey Water Works drafted a letter to the New Jersey Congressional Delegation to let representatives know how clean water should be prioritized in a new federal spending plan. The letter urges the New Jersey Congressional Delegation to support water infrastructure spending. The letter is open to all members of Jersey Water Works; Sign on by Jan. 15.

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