Water Workforce Task Force

Water Workforce Task Force

Change Committee
    1. Recruit a diverse group of participants and facilitate a second cohort for the Water Workforce Development Program at Hudson County Community College (leveraging funds by Bank of America and PACE grant). 
    2. Recommend ways to increase or enhance entry level opportunities, such as internships, in the water sector by sharing resources and offering one educational webinar or workshop.
    3. Update the 2021 workforce program inventory to be published by April 2024. 
    4. Create a new inventory that highlights at least ten K-12 curriculums/programs that support conversations around water, climate resilience, and green infrastructure with students. 
    5. Create a campaign to increase awareness about careers in the water sector and connect those to national water awareness days.
    1. Define scope of work for and hire consultants under Bank of America grant by March 2023.
    2. Create and facilitate a utility pilot water workforce program in partnership with one educational institution by December 2023.
    3. Collaborate to create a water workforce pathway with aligned curriculum through the NJ Pathways to Career Opportunities initiative led by the NJ Council of County Colleges.
    4. Increase visibility to the water workforce sector and continue cultivating partnerships.
    1. Convene utility leaders, educational institutions, pre-apprenticeship programs, career centers, and community-based organizations to explore partnerships, collaboration, and pursue goals.
    2. Coordinate efforts to bolster education and outreach to make water a career of choice.
    3. Advance a NJ water workforce pipeline initiative by finalizing a curriculum or career pathway map for entry into the water utility employment sector.
    4. Research funding opportunities to engage partner utilities to implement a water workforce pilot program that would create an employment pipeline from local communities.
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