Annual Membership Meeting

July 17, 2024
Started 9:00 am|Ended 3:00 pm

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Two Collaboratives, One Vision

On July 17, Jersey Water Works and Lead-Free NJ members gathered at Montclair State University in Montclair for their Annual Membership Meetings. The 150 attendees came from different sectors—community organizations, grassroots groups, municipal/state government, federal agencies, education, utilities—to support the work being done to advance New Jersey’s water infrastructure and remediate lead holistically.

The JWW agenda featured:

  1. Welcome Remarks: Monitoring Progress and Staying the Course
    • Andrea Sapal, Jersey Water Works
    • Richard Henning, New Jersey Utility Association and JWW Steering Committee Member
    • Pete Kasaback, New Jersey Future and JWW Steering Committee Member
    • Patricia Ingelido, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
    • Lucia Middleton, The Watershed Institute
  2. Advancing Water Infrastructure Mini-Keynotes
    • Funding Our Work & Water Workforce Development
      • Speaker: Matthew DeNafo, PE, CME, President, Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA)
    • Exploring EPA’s Proposed Water Restructure Rule Opportunities in New Jersey
      • Speaker: Andy Kricun, Moonshot Missions, JWW Steering Committee Co-Chair
    • A Short Overview: Water Policies and Funding Opportunities
      • Speaker: Diane Schrauth, New Jersey Future
  3. Issue Impact Updates and Progress Presentation
    • Moderator: Nicole Miller, MnM Consulting, JWW Steering Committee Co-Chair
    • Roundtable discussions were led by steering committee members, co-chairs, backbone staff, and members.
  4. Tapping Into Funding Office Hours
    • Representatives from NJ Infrastructure Bank, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions / Environmental Finance Center, and New Jersey Future Funding Navigator
      • John Notte, NJ Infrastructure Bank
      • George Rolon, NJ Infrastructure Bank
      • Charles Jenkins, Municipal Finance & Construction Element/ New Jersey Water Bank, NJDEP
      • Samantha Thomas, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
      • Ryon Bassi, Bureau Of Water System Engineering, NJDEP
      • Tess Clark, AICP, Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions / Environmental Finance Center
      • Lee Clark, MABC, Funding Navigator Program, New Jersey Future

The LFNJ agenda featured:

  1. Special Meeting for Lead-Free NJ Hub Leads
  2. Panel Presentation – Advancing Systems-Level Change Through Community and Collaboration
    • Moderator: Kelvin Boddy, Housing and Community Development Network of NJ
    • Shanikwa Lemon, Paterson Alliance, LFNJ Community Hub Leader
    • Kandyce Perry, Office of Environmental Justice, NJDEP
    • Geovanni Cantizano, PRAC of Southern NJ, LFNJ Community Hub Leader
    • Xin “Leo” Li & Jennifer Barrientos, NJDCA Lead Assistance Program
  3. Lead-Free NJ Committee Conversations
    • Housing Committee Updates
      • Bert Cooper, Green and Healthy Homes Initiative
    • Health Committee: Addressing Lead Screening Challenges in NJ
      • Elyse Pivnick, Isles & Sheila Caldwell, School Nurse (Co-Chairs)
      • Maria Emerson, Virtua
    • Water Advocacy Committee: Investigating Filter First Policy in NJ
      • Deandrah Cameron, NJF
      • Yvette Jordan, NEW Caucus
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