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The Jersey Water Works Collaborative

The Power of Collaboration: We can do more by working together to solve this complex problem than any individual or organization can achieve on their own.


Jersey Water Works Equity Statement

Jersey Water Works (JWW) is committed to achieving clean, safe, and equitable water outcomes for all New Jerseyans. JWW strives to better understand how to overcome the structural and systemic biases that impact water infrastructure policy decisions, and to support ongoing efforts by communities of color and low-income communities to influence water policy. JWW is pursuing internal and external strategies to achieve diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice in its water infrastructure work. 


In October 2019, Jersey Water Works Steering Committee members participated in a retreat that explored equity within the collaborative. A three-year strategic plan was set in motion and the collaborative established the Steering Committee Equity Subcommittee. The subcommittee recommends yearly work plans to advance Jersey Water Works equity goals. 

2021-2022 Internal Goals

Expand the racial and economic diversity of the Steering Committee.

Expand the racial and economic diversity of the programmatic subcommittees.

Build an understanding of and appreciation for the values, attitudes, and actions that are critical to achieving equity and change.

2021-2022 Programmatic Priorities

Workforce Development: Identify career pathways in green and gray water infrastructure, from entry-level maintenance jobs to high-skill technical and managerial positions such as operations.

Lead in Drinking Water: Eliminate lead in drinking water as a health hazard.

Flood Mapping: Identify and map local flooding incidents and overlay with data on race and income, and other water infrastructure threats such as lead service lines. Use this analysis to identify environmental justice hot spots, target JWW member efforts, identify impacted communities for JWW member recruitment and direct resources to solve localized problems.

Water Affordability: Develop and target programs that make water accessible and affordable to people with lower incomes.

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