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Statement from Jersey Water Works Co-Chairs on New Jersey Governor’s FY 2022 Budget Address

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Mark Mauriello and Jane Kenny, Jersey Water Works co-chairs

Jersey Water Works Co-Chairs Jane Kenny and Mark Mauriello released the following statement on New Jersey Governor Murphy’s FY 2022 Budget Address:

“After a bleak year that challenged us all in ways we could have never anticipated, Jersey Water Works applauds Governor Murphy’s proposed budget allocation of $60 million for the Drinking Water and Clean Water Infrastructure Fund,” said Kenny. “These funds support these critical water infrastructure upgrades for our drinking water, wastewater, and stormwater systems, which are essential for public health during a time when health has never been more important.”

“Governor Murphy’s proposed funding for new staff to monitor lead and copper contaminants in drinking water is essential to making sure we have the resources and capacity to achieve a New Jersey where every child has safe, clean drinking water,” said Mauriello. “Increased staff capacity dedicated to prioritizing water infrastructure projects will further protect the health of New Jerseyans.”

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