Commitments are new projects, programs or resources which help advance the goals of Jersey Water Works. They are unveiled at the annual Jersey Water Works Conference in December, and they are either completed by the event or can be accomplished within the next year.

By announcing commitments, Jersey Water Works’ members demonstrate their dedication to the issue of water infrastructure and put their voices together to show leaders around the state the continued importance of water infrastructure to our future.

The commitments listed below represent new projects, initiatives and activities that members plan to undertake in 2018. See the commitments of action undertaken in 2017 by our members.

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Atlantic County Utilities Authority

Building a Seawall to Protect Against Flood Hazards

To prevent flooding, equipment damage and shutdowns of one of Atlantic County’s most critical pieces of infrastructure, ACUA is committed to constructing a seawall made of vinyl sheet pile around its wastewater treatment facility. The wall will measure 4,896 feet long and vary in height from one to five feet.

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority

Reducing Facility Vulnerability through Renewable Energy Projects

The CCMUA’s biogas project and sustainability loop project will reduce its risk of being taken offline by natural disasters. Through the sustainability loop project, CCMUA will swap one million gallons a day of effluent for energy produced by a nearby power plant, whose primary fuel source is trash. This project will reduce water withdrawals from a critical water supply aquifer by nearly 400 million gallons per year while furthering CCMUA’s goal of operating 100 percent on renewable energy by 2019.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

Creating a Free Mobile App to Map Stormwater Facilities

The DEP commits to creating a voluntary, free-to-use mobile app to allow municipalities and their partners to inventory and map stormwater management infrastructure. The DEP further commits to provide up to 50 ArcGIS Online licenses to municipalities, free of charge, for the next two years, to enable municipalities to use the app.

Stevens Institute of Technology

Implementing First Intensive Green Roof and Third Rain Garden
The Stevens Institute of Technology will add its first intensive green roof and its third rain garden to its green infrastructure inventory. These new systems complement a variety of existing stormwater management infrastructure including two rain gardens, four bioretention planters, and 40 pilot scale extensive green roofs.

Sustainable Jersey

Developing a New Municipal Certification Standard Focused on Water
The new Gold Star Standard in Water will build on the green infrastructure actions developed by Jersey Water Works and provide a roadmap for municipalities to reach Sustainable Jersey’s goals of sustainable water infrastructure. Once complete, Sustainable Jersey will support progress among its 450 participating municipalities.

Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey, Ironbound Community Corporation, Natural Resources Defense Council, New Jersey Future, and NY/NJ Baykeeper

Assisting the New Administration with Water Infrastructure Solutions

These organizations are partnering to release a “Year One Clean Water Agenda” for the Murphy administration. They also commit to assisting the incoming administration with water infrastructure challenges and solutions.

Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions

Educating and Inspiring Municipalities about Green Infrastructure Solutions

Through workshops, seminars, webinars, and a new resource paper, ANJEC will educate environmental commissions and municipalities throughout the state on the benefits of and best practices for green infrastructure, stream daylighting, and stormwater management.

City of Jersey City

Producing Guidance Documents for Green Infrastructure Implementation

Jersey City will be completing several documents and studies related to green infrastructure, including a resident guide to green infrastructure and resilient design, an analysis of sites identified for green infrastructure projects, green infrastructure projects that take into account potential contamination issues, and tree planting standards for street trees in the city.

Clean Ocean Action

Finding, Fixing, and Eliminating Fecal Pollution Sources in Waterways

With its partners, Clean Ocean Action will restore the health of downgraded areas of the Navesink River by 1) finding the sources of bacterial pollution through a 52-week citizen science bacteria source track-down, 2) fixing the sources, and 3) breaking the cycle of pollution by promoting “watershed mindfulness” – community-wide understanding that we are connected to and responsible for the local water quality.

Cooper’s Ferry Partnership

Installing 200 Rain Barrels to Reduce Combined Sewer Overflows

With the Camden SMART Initiative, Cooper’s Ferry Partnership commits to distributing and installing 200 rain barrels that will divert approximately 1.7 million gallons of stormwater annually from the City of Camden’s aging and overtaxed combined sewer system.

Daniel Van Abs, Associate Professor, Rutgers University

Assessing and Reporting the Affordability of Water Supply Systems

Under the direction of Dr. Van Abs, a Rutgers student researcher will compile water rate information for a random sample of small and medium public water supply systems in New Jersey, and compare the household rates to system characteristics including ownership, system capacity, water source, service area type, and age of the service area’s water infrastructure. The purpose of the project is to determine the extent to which these factors correlate with costs of service.

Governor James Florio and Governor Christie Todd Whitman

Publish a Joint Op-Ed on Water Infrastructure Challenges and Solutions

Governors Florio and Whitman commit to publishing a co-authored op-ed spotlighting details of the water infrastructure crisis in New Jersey while identifying solutions and elevating the efforts of Jersey Water Works.

Louis Berger

Staff Support to Establish the Jersey Water Works Measurement System

Louis Berger will provide engineering staff support to Jersey Water Works to assist the collaborative in establishing its measurement system for its Wise Management and Spending goal, which is focused on the implementation and funding of robust asset management programs.

New Jersey Future and Isles, Inc. 

Promoting and Supporting Trenton’s Upcoming Green Infrastructure Project

As a member of Trenton’s municipal action team for green infrastructure, New Jersey Future and Isles will help coordinate media coverage and community engagement for the installation and ribbon cutting for an upcoming green infrastructure project in Trenton.

United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 

Working with New Jersey and Partners to Improve and Enhance Water Quality

EPA Region 2 is fully committed to working with the state of New Jersey and other partners to protect, improve and enhance water quality throughout New Jersey and the region. EPA is actively engaged in seeking ways to help address the financial and infrastructure challenges of impacted communities and will support the state of New Jersey in exploring ways to fully utilize the benefits of the drinking water and clean water State Revolving Fund programs.

Whitman Strategy Group

Publishing Quarterly Website Updates on Jersey Water Works Progress

The Whitman Strategy Group is committed to posting quarterly updates to its company website that highlight the progress being made by Jersey Water Works including one article featuring Whitman Strategy Group’s volunteer work with the collaborative.


Additionally; three organizations committed to posting  the Jersey Water Works “member of” logo on their website, three organizations will volunteer for a stream clean-up, green infrastructure workshop or related activity, two organizations will feature Jersey Water Works and its work in their newsletter and one organization will publish a new resource in partnership with Jersey Water Works.



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