Collaborative Operations and Decision Making

The Jersey Water Works collaborative and its members use a consensus-based model for decision-making in which members develop and agree to support decisions in the best interest of the collaborative. Consensus is defined as an acceptable resolution that everyone can support or at least “live with.”


Listed below are different decision points and the process for reaching consensus.


Purpose, Goals, Outcomes

The Steering Committee has authority on these items with robust review and input from Supporting and Committee membership.


Annual Work Plans

The committees decide the annual Work Plan for their group, aligned with their purpose statement, goals and outcomes. The Steering Committee provides a final review and approval. The backbone organization allocates staffing and budget resources.


Advocacy Positions of Initiative on Related Policy


Jersey Water Works does not take positions to oppose or support local, state, or federal legislation or formal executive actions, such as proposal or adoption of regulations or executive orders.


Jersey Water Works does highlight and promote positive local projects and programs, but may not publicly oppose them.


Jersey Water Works may educate public officials and decision makers about the purpose and goals of JWW, including identified best practices in the field.


Jersey Water Works committees may make recommendations to state, federal or local governments that would advance best practices or the Jersey Water Works goals.


When federal, state, or local legislative or executive action pertaining to the Jersey Water Works goals is under active discussion or consideration, Jersey Water Works staff and steering committee members may alert the membership.


Funding for Jersey Water Works

The backbone organization designs and submits grants for funding the backbone core functions including staffing, communications, meeting costs, consultants/contractors, and evaluation infrastructure.


The backbone organization, and any member organization, may seek Steering Committee input and/or endorsement of funding requests for work that advances the purpose statement and shared goals of Jersey Water Works.


Conflict Resolution

Conflicts between members, committees, the backbone organization, or each other should be resolved directly whenever possible using a win/win focus. If they cannot be resolved between the original parties, the Steering Committee is the final arbiter of member or group conflict.

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