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Stormwater Utility Information Forum Hosted by Members of Jersey Water Works

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Patricia Dunkak, JWW Backbone Staff

Is your municipality interested in learning more about stormwater utilities? From June to November 2023, members of the Jersey Water Works Stormwater Utility subcommittee organized a series of informational forums for utility leaders, government stormwater managers, municipal and county representatives, and elected officials. Dedicated stormwater utility experts and peers in the industry share insights on establishing a sustainable and dedicated stormwater funding mechanism. 

A stormwater utility is a dedicated and equitable funding mechanism to pay for a community’s stormwater management program. In 2019, New Jersey enacted the Clean Stormwater & Flood Reduction Law that allows municipalities, counties, groups of municipalities, and sewerage and improvement authorities to establish a stormwater utility. In 2022, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) announced the availability of Technical Assistance for Stormwater Utility Feasibility Studies, which will assist municipalities in completing a stormwater utility feasibility study. 

Key leaders in the Stormwater Utility subcommittee who organized the information forums include Dana Patterson, Princeton Hydro (co-chair); Micah Shapiro, RES (co-chair); Prabha Kumar, Black & Veatch Management Consulting LLC; and Elizabeth Treadway, WSP. Presenters included Prabha Kumar, Elizabeth Treadway, Dave Mason, CDM Smith; and Lindsey Sigmund, New Jersey Future.

Register here and check out the upcoming topics and dates:

  • Thursday, August 24: Stormwater Utility Policies 
  • Thursday, September 21: Stormwater Rate Structures and Credits
  • Thursday, November 9: Stakeholder Engagement

The June and July forums focused on the utility concept, New Jersey’s enabling legislation, utility development process, and stormwater financial planning and funding options. Recordings are available on the JWW website under Resources. 

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