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Lead Service Line Replacement… And Now For the Hard Part

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Gary Brune, JWW Lead in Drinking Water Task Force backbone staff

In July, 2021, Governor Murphy signed a new law (P.L.2021, c.183; https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2020/Bills/AL21/183_.HTM) requiring the state’s water utilities to replace lead service lines (LSLs) within ten years. Implementation will be challenging. The few cities in other states that have successfully tackled this problem typically required 20 to 25 years to complete the job.

To accelerate the effort, Jersey Water Works’ Lead in Drinking Water Task Force has formed a working group that will identify best practices and potential solutions to technical issues.  Drawing on a mix of existing task force members and other water industry officials, the workgroup will focus on expediting the inventory of LSLs, communicating effectively with the public, accessing private property (e.g., model ordinances), regulatory improvements, and maximizing efficiency (e.g., contracting strategies.) Particular attention will be paid to the needs of New Jersey’s small and medium-sized water utilities and to ensuring equitable progress across all types of communities.  

Workgroup co-chairs are Rich Calbi, Director of Ridgewood Water, and Mike Furrey, Owner of Agra Environmental and Laboratory Services. Other workgroup members are listed below:


Questions? Contact Gary Brune, gbrune@njfuture.org.

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