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Jersey Water Works 2021 Membership Meeting: Different Perspectives, New Opportunities, Win-Win Solutions

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Started 1:00 pm|Ended 3:00 pm

Jersey Water Works members drive the success of the collaborative, raising formidable issues and collaborating to identify innovative solutions. This is a pivotal moment for water infrastructure. Come see how JWW can serve as a platform to foster new opportunities, connections, and win-win solutions to New Jersey’s toughest water challenges. New Jersey’s potential share of federal funds can propel the state’s water infrastructure into a resilient, innovative, and effective water future.

Join us for:

  • State leaders’ perspectives on different challenges within the water sector
  • Opportunities for JWW’s members in advocating for water infrastructure solutions
  • Hot-off-the-press member updates (email us: to add yours to the list)
  • Top highlights from JWW working committees

Not a member? No problem! Anyone is welcome to join the meeting. 

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