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Education and Outreach Committee

Change Committee
  1. Via a letter to all New Jersey mayors, informed elected officials about the benefits of investing in water infrastructure and how to utilize Jersey WaterCheck as a resource.
  2. Conducted a listening session with the New Jersey Harbor Dischargers Group to learn more about their challenges and continue to identify opportunities for synergy.
  3. With AWWA-NJ Young Professionals, hosted a Young Professionals Networking Event where those in—or interested in—the water sector met and connected.
  4. Created a new Stormwater Ad-Hoc Subcommittee that combines all four committees’ efforts. Currently, they are in the process of creating educational materials and a model scope of work for feasibility studies.
  1. Reviewed website content to enhance access to educational resources and information about the efforts of Jersey Water Works.
  2. Promoted Infrastructure Week and Imagine A Day Without Water via social media.
  3. Participated in the Jersey WaterCheck focus group and conference Advisory Committee.
  1. Produced a menu of action options for individuals and organizations to reinforce the efforts of Jersey Water Works.
  2. Raised awareness of water workforce opportunities on two tours of water treatment facilities.
  3. Promoted Infrastructure Week and Imagine a Day Without Water by hosting a workshop on an Applicants Guide for the New Jersey Water Bank, providing tours of wastewater treatment plants, and conducting a social media campaign.
  1. Created a water infrastructure fact sheet for media, to be included in press kits.
  2. Raised water infrastructure awareness statewide by creating social media content for events such as Infrastructure Week and Imagine a Day Without Water.
  3. Reached agreement to pilot a water infrastructure-focused curriculum with the Robinsville School District in 2019.
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