Jersey Water Works Operating Procedures

Jersey Water Works’ Operating Procedures enumerate how JWW, a collaborative initiative of many diverse organizations, will function.

Jersey Water Works Handouts and Infographics

Grant Writing Resources

Jersey Water Works members are encouraged to use the following information and text as a resource when applying for grant funding opportunities: Water Infrastructure Grant Writing Resources.

Member Logo

Members are encouraged to download and digitally display this logo wherever they see fit (click the image to download).

Water Messaging in Context

Jersey Water Works now has its own messaging guide on how to effectively communicate about water. This guide has tips on developing a strong message to engage individuals on the current state of our water infrastructure and the solutions JWW is working towards. Learn how to connect with your audience by starting with why everyone should care about the challenges we face in the water sector.

What is Basecamp?

This short video is an introduction and overview of the online platform that JWW uses to communicate and collaborate. Easy-to-follow steps for reducing the frequency of e-mail notifications from Basecamp here.

Become a Member

Member organizations and individuals embrace the common purpose of transforming New Jersey’s inadequate water infrastructure by supporting Jersey Water Works’ shared purpose and goals.



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