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Utility Strengthening through Consolidation: A Breifing Paper

Despite being an important tool for sustainable water management, utility consolidation is one of the most difficult topics to discuss in the sector. Communities considering options to better meet their water service needs struggle to find fact-based information. Historically, consolidation has put different interests in the water sector in opposition and been difficult to undertake. The US Water Alliance developed this briefing paper to support informed, fact-based dialogue on the consolidation of water utility service in America. This document is organized as follows:

  • Guiding Principles.
  • Understanding Water Utility Consolidation.
  • Recommendations.

Utility Strengthening through Utility Consolidation: A Briefing Paper (US Water Alliance, 2019)

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Menu of State Policy Options for Green Infrastructure

This document produced by the U.S. Green Building Council, Menu of State Policy Options for Green Infrastructure, is an introduction to leading policy practices to harness the benefits of green infrastructure and achieve greater sustainability outcomes through high-performing buildings and infrastructure. The resource can help state legislatures take decisive action to expand green infrastructure practices.

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Promoting Green Streets: A recipe for integrating water and transportation infrastructure investment

This guide, developed by The River Network and Hawkins Partners, Inc., helps support city administrators, planners, designers, and environmental advocates in determining the potential — and developing strategies — for green streets in their cities and watersheds. Many large cities have made intentional commitments to green street strategies to reduce stormwater runoff that contributes to combined sewer overflows.



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