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Water Infrastructure that Works for Cities: Best Practices and Considerations for Preparing Long Term Control Plans to Control Combined Sewer Overflows

This white paper draws upon best practices from across the country to provide New Jersey’s CSO communities with smart solutions that employ innovation, reduce costs, and deliver tangible benefits that build community support. Prepared for New Jersey Future. 2015.

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Facing Our Future: Infrastructure Investments Necessary for Economic Success

This report presents the long-term needs and required infrastructure investments in the areas of electric power, transportation and water systems. The report provides a fact-based, analysis-driven opportunity to understand and explore realistic ways in which New Jersey can spur economic development – and economic success – through infrastructure investments. 2013.

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Charting New Waters: Developing an Agenda for Change for New Jersey’s Urban Water Infrastructure

This report provides The Johnson Foundation at Wingspread’s comprehensive description of the 2014 convening that spawned the Agenda for Change and synthesizes the broader range of information, insights and ideas shared during the convening. 2014.

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Low Impact Development (LID) As a Solution to the CSO Problem In the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary

This policy brief, from NY/NJ Baykeeper, reviews legislation, case studies and technologies to make the case for the use of Low Impact Development practices to reduce stormwater flows in combined sewer systems in municipalities.



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