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Transforming the East Orange Water Commission

Mayor Lester Taylor of East Orange delivered a presentation at the 2017 WaterNow Alliance Summit to stress the importance of understanding the current water reality in one of New Jersey’s oldest cities.  This presentation outlines the challenges faced in water system management, the increasing demands on water sources, the degraded state of water infrastructure, and the strategies that have been implemented to safeguard drinking water quality and transform the East Orange Water Commission.

Transforming the East Orange Water Commission (Mayor Lester E. Taylor III, City of East Orange)

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Presentations from Workshop: Fostering Municipal – Utility Partnerships for Water Quality Management

Feb. 7 2017 — Audience members learned about new best practices that will help municipal governments, working in partnership with their utilities, conduct/implement water loss audits, utility asset management and  green infrastructure planning and implementation.

The workshop was presented in partnership by: Association of Environmental Authorities, Sustainable Jersey, New Jersey League of Municipalities, Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences and Jersey Water Works.


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Value of Water Communications Webinar

This US Water Alliance webinar discusses the challenges associated with communicating the value of water and the importance of water infrastructure systems to community stakeholders and public officials. Communications Director Abigail Gardner explains how a comprehensive communications strategy is necessary in order to win support for new water projects and rate proposals and provides best practices for developing a strategic communications plan.

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Value of Water Coalition National Survey

The results of a new national poll conducted by the Value of Water Coalition found that Americans are deeply concerned about the state of the country’s water infrastructure, and most would be willing to pay more on their monthly water bill once they understood the need for investment. This PowerPoint shows detailed results from the poll as well as conclusions and recommendations from the researchers.

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Financing Opportunities for Implementing Green Infrastructure Projects to Manage Stormwater

This webinar, by the Nature Conservancy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), provides an overview of work done around the country that enables the utilization of public and private funding sources to implement GI in order to create the greatest ecological, economic and social benefits. In addition, the EPA describes innovative financing for green infrastructure programs and highlights low-cost, state-of-the-art financing opportunities for green infrastructure projects through State Revolving Funds. EPA’s new Water Infrastructure and Resiliency Finance Center is also discussed. 2016.

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Using New Jersey’s State Revolving Fund to Reduce Combined Sewage Flooding in Camden City

This presentation by Andy Kricun, Executive Director of the Camden County Municipal Utility Authorities, reviews challenges facing clean water utilities and how to use State Revolving Funds to address those challenges. Using the City of Camden as a case example, the presentation considers Camden’s multi-pronged combined sewage overflow flooding prevention program.

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Water Infrastructure that Works for Cities: Best Practices and Considerations for Preparing Long Term Control Plans to Control Combined Sewer Overflows

This white paper draws upon best practices from across the country to provide New Jersey’s CSO communities with smart solutions that employ innovation, reduce costs, and deliver tangible benefits that build community support. Prepared for New Jersey Future. 2015.

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Model RFP for New Jersey Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan Consultant

This model RFP includes a scope of services and consultant evaluation criteria, and is intended to enable a CSO permittee or regional collaboration of permittees to hire the professionals needed to  develop a successful long term control plan — one that meets regulatory requirements in a cost-effective manner while maximizing benefits to the community. Prepared for New Jersey Future. 2015.



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