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Empowered Stakeholders

Upgrading the water systems in New Jersey’s cities and towns is a generational challenge that must serve the residents and businesses who pay the bills, and the elected officials responsible for addressing a host of community issues.

Effective community engagement processes feature active the participation of community partners and ratepayers, who are able to influence the planning and management of their water infrastructure. Community support is also reflected in municipal plans, ordinances.


Customized Jersey Water Works Graphics – Imagine a Day Without Water

We’re inviting you to join us on social media for Imagine a Day Without Water on Sept. 15. Share these graphics and hashtags to amplify the importance of investing in robust water infrastructure.


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Value of Water Communications Webinar

This US Water Alliance webinar discusses the challenges associated with communicating the value of water and the importance of water infrastructure systems to community stakeholders and public officials. Communications Director Abigail Gardner explains how a comprehensive communications strategy is necessary in order to win support for new water projects and rate proposals and provides best practices for developing a strategic communications plan.

Value of Water Coalition National Survey

The results of a new national poll conducted by the Value of Water Coalition found that Americans are deeply concerned about the state of the country’s water infrastructure, and most would be willing to pay more on their monthly water bill once they understood the need for investment. This PowerPoint shows detailed results from the poll as well as conclusions and recommendations from the researchers.