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Quality CSO Plans


Low Impact Development (LID) As a Solution to the CSO Problem In the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary

This policy brief, from NY/NJ Baykeeper, reviews legislation, case studies and technologies to make the case for the use of Low Impact Development practices to reduce stormwater flows in combined sewer systems in municipalities.

Water Infrastructure in New Jersey’s CSO Cities: Elevating the Importance of Upgrading New Jersey’s Urban Water Systems

This report describes the new regulatory requirement facing the 21 New Jersey municipalities that have combined sewer systems, the characteristics of those cities and their combined sewer systems in particular, and the challenges they face in upgrading the systems. Prepared by Daniel Van Abs, PhD., for New Jersey Future. 2014.

Roxanne Qualls presentation on Cincinnati’s Water Infrastructure

This powerpoint by Roxanne Qualls, former mayor of Cincinnati, describes metropolitan Cincinnati’s holistic approach to drinking water, wastewater and stormwater including its successful programs to resolve combined sewer overflows. 2014.




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