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Quality CSO Plans


Hoboken Columbia – IRS Mixed Use Water Infrastructure

This report presents potential green and gray infrastructure design strategies developed to determine the appropriate combinations of green and grey infrastructure based upon cost, social impact, and magnitude of desired flood prevention for the City of Hoboken. Spring 2012.

Best Management Practices Plan for the Operation and Maintenance of the Combined Sewer, Separate Sanitary Sewer and Separate Stormwater Systems

This document presents industry-accepted standards that a well-run utility uses to operate and maintain its combined sewer system, separate sanitary sewer system, and separate stormwater system. Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority. 2014.

New Jersey’s Combined Sewer Systems By the Numbers

This fact sheet frames the CSO issue in New Jersey by providing a host of facts about combined sewer systems, including their discharges, demographic and other information on their host municipalities and regional sewer utilities, and CSO solutions. A map is included. New Jersey Future. 2015.




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