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Asset Management Key Performance Indicators: Rule Recommendations for State Government

The Jersey Water Works Asset Management and Finance Committee and the American Water Works Association New Jersey section Infrastructure Management Committee issued recommendations for consideration by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection during the implementation of the Water Quality Accountability Act (WQAA). The committees’ core focus was to recommend metrics for measuring system condition, the status of asset management programs, and capital investments for drinking water systems. The recommendations were submitted in January of 2019.


Asset Management Metrics Recommendations – JWW & AWWA-NJ

Drinking Water Guide: A Resource for Advocates

The River Network's Drinking Water Guide Cover Page Photo

The River Network’s Drinking Water Guide is a first step in galvanizing a national network of advocates for safe, clean, affordable, and sustainable drinking water and drinking water systems. River Network hopes that the guide will serve as a key resource for groups and individuals working on these issues to better understand, integrate, and elevate issues of equity and justice as part of their drinking water advocacy.

River Network Drinking Water Guide

Water Resources Baseline Topic Report

This report examines water resource and infrastructure issues in northern New Jersey, reports on current and possible future conditions, and recommends water resource objectives, outcomes, metrics and indicators for use by the Together North Jersey in its Regional Plan for Sustainable Development (RPSD). For each element of water sustainability, the report addresses whether sustainability is being achieved under current conditions and demands, and whether capacity exists for increased future demands.

Water Resources Baseline Topic Report

Jersey Water Works Strategic Communications Recommendations and Message Platform

Jersey Water Works now has its own messaging guide on how to effectively communicate about water. This guide has tips on developing a strong message to engage individuals on the current state of our water infrastructure and the solutions JWW is working towards. Learn how to connect with your audience by starting with why everyone should care about the challenges we face in the water sector.

Jersey Water Works Strategic Communications Recommendations and Message Platform

Developing Lead Service Line Inventories Presented by the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

Many state drinking water administrators are considering developing inventories of the materials used in service lines that are part of the distribution systems of community water systems (CWSs) they regulate. Some states have already conducted voluntary or mandatory surveys of CWSs whether on their own or in response to state legislation. Others are preparing to use the information in the next round of Drinking Water Infrastructure Needs Survey and Assessments (DWINSA) that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing pursuant to Section 2015 of the America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2018. The 2020 DWINSA will include an estimate of the number of public and private lead service lines as well as an estimate of the costs to replace all lead service lines, which will be a significant undertaking for water systems to develop and states to collect information on. To assist states that are considering initiating a lead service line (LSL) inventory, the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators (ASDWA) has developed the following guidance based on the experience of the states that have already conducted or are preparing to develop a comprehensive inventory of service line materials.

Developing Lead Service Line Inventories Presented by the Association of State Drinking Water Administrators




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