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Financing Urban Water Infrastructure

This presentation, by University of North Carolina Environmental Finance Center director Jeff Hughes, provides a simple, comprehensive overview of the primary ways water infrastructure is financed, and also highlights some recent innovative approaches. 2014.

Jeff Hughes: Financing Urban Water Infrastructure

An Agenda For Change

This white paper summarizes the outcome of a 2014 gathering on water infrastructure, including guiding principles for improving urban water infrastructure, drivers for action and a set of action steps to stimulate progress. New Jersey Future. 2014.


Growing Pains: A Burgeoning Jersey City Contends With Aging Water Infrastructure

This case study highlights the prescient investment in water infrastructure the city made in the 1970s that is allowing its booming growth today. 2014.

Camden: Rising above the Floodwaters

This case study describes the effects on Camden of its inadequate water infrastructure conditions, including increasing vulnerability to flooding. 2014.