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Other Best Practices

Upgrading New Jersey’s urban water systems requires efforts across many fronts. While green and gray infrastructure, community engagement and financing are all key components, there will be many other areas in which Jersey Water Works, local officials, utility executives and community members will be involved. Below are documents and links to best practices in many of those areas.


National Economic & Labor Impacts of the Water Utility Sector

This report, National Economic & Labor Impacts of the Water Utility Sector, examines how utilities support the local and national economy by providing jobs, building reliable infrastructure, and supporting technological advancement with clean and reliable water systems.




City of Camden Sustainability Ordinance

This ordinance requires all new development in the City of Camden to submit an Environmental Impact and Benefits Assessment, which must address a host of land, water and air concerns. The ordinance is designed to enhance sustainability in the city. City of Camden. 2015.

Roxanne Qualls presentation on Cincinnati’s Water Infrastructure

This powerpoint by Roxanne Qualls, former mayor of Cincinnati, describes metropolitan Cincinnati’s holistic approach to drinking water, wastewater and stormwater including its successful programs to resolve combined sewer overflows. 2014.




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