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Tackling Lead in Water in NJ

2017/07/17: Lead found in water at more than half of school drinking water taps in Bergen County (Environment New Jersey)

2017/07/14: New Jersey Future testifies at U.S. Senate roundtable on lead in drinking water (New Jersey Future)

2016/06/13: Millions of federal dollars headed to Newark, Trenton to combat lead (

2016/05/06: New Jersey considers study of aging water infrastructure (News Works)

2016/05/04: Christie: All NJ school water fountains to be tested for lead (

2016/05/02: How an old New Jersey city with water problems avoided becoming Flint, Michigan (

2016/05/02: Christie orders lead tests for all New Jersey public schools (New York Times)

2016/04/28: Water advocates issue ‘workplan’ to help with massive system upgrade (NJ Spotlight)

2016/04/12: New legislation introduced to require lead testing in schools (

2016/03/31: How one N.J. district has beaten its dirty water problem — for 14 years (

2016/03/28: Podcast: Rep. Payne’s lessons from Flint, and what they mean for New Jersey (

2016/03/17: Newark declined EPA’s help with lead problem in 2003 (WNYC)

2016/03/16: Is Your Drinking Water Safe? (Courier-Post)

2016/02/02: Graphic: New Jersey’s water problem, in one graphic (Pacific Standard)


Stories From Around the Country

2016/06/02: At least 33 US cities used water testing ‘cheats’ over lead concerns (The Guardian)

2016/06/02: Chicago residents take action to be rid of lead pipes as fear of toxic water grows (The Guardian)

2016/06/01: What caused the Flint water crisis and what cities everywhere can learn from it (Ford Foundation)

2016/05/15: Editorial: Should Chicago rip out all those lead water pipes? (Chicago Tribune)

2016/05/10: One city’s solution to drinking water contamination? Get rid of every lead pipe (Washington Post)

2016/04/28: Moving forward for America’s drinking water  (Water Online)

2016/04/22: Avoiding the next Flint: Testing school water (Politico)

2016/04/20: Why the criminal charges just filed in Flint are a pretty big deal (The Atlantic)

2016/04/14: Why Flint’s hopes for economic development rest on replacing pipes (The Atlantic)

2016/04/10: How Philadelphia schools’ vast effort to rid water of lead went under the radar (The Guardian)

2016/04/06: Tennessee passes nation’s first lead notification bill (The Tennessean)

2016/04/05: Flint mayor forecasts $35M deficit amid crisis (Detroit Free Press)

2016/04/04: Where’s the next Flint water crisis? Anywhere (Huffington Post)

2016/03/26: Schools nationwide still grapple with lead in water (New York Times)

2016/03/26: Digging further into a water problem (New York Times)

2016/03/21: The aging water infrastructure: Out of sight, out of mind? (Deloitte University Press)

2016:03/11: Beyond Flint: Excessive lead levels found in almost 2000 water systems across all 50 states (USA Today)

2016/02/24: Beyond Flint: How local governments ignore federal water standards (The American Prospect)

2016/02/11: Instead of replacing Flint’s old pipes, why not just build new ones? (The Atlantic)

2016/02/11: Flint crisis reminds us: profit motive has no place when it comes to necessities (The Guardian)

2016/02/08: Many cities at risk of lead in drinking water (Miami Herald)

2016/02/08: Water privatizers have their eye on Flint’s lead crisis (The Nation)

2016/02/03: Flint accelerates plans to replace all lead pipes (The Atlantic)

2016/02/03: Flint crisis renews call to replace all lead pipes in America (Governing)

2016/02/02: Post-Flint, more EPA water protections may be hard for some states to swallow (Governing)

2016/01/28: The next Flint (Slate)

2016/01/27: Making it right in Flint  (Natural Resources Defense Council)

2016/01/25: Piping in Poison: The Flint water crisis and America’s toxic infrastructure  (New Republic)

2016/01/20: Flint has been looking at water all wrong (The Atlantic)


NJ School Testing Information

2016/08/10: Lead Found in School Drinking Water Across New Jersey (New Jersey Future)

2016: Search engine: Newark schools water lead test results (NJ Spotlight)

2016/05/31: Scope of lead risk a serious lesson for North Jersey school districts (

2016/05/23: Which NJ Schools have found lead in their water? (

2016/05/20: Records show Newark school district voided thousands of requests for lead filters (Vice News)

2016/05/19: Survey: 50 NJ schools polled on water testing (

2016/05/19: Are NJ schools too late in rush to test water for lead? (

2016/05/04: Elevated lead found in water in six of seven Bergenfield public schools (

2016/04/27: Lead in Parsippany school’s water was 18 times over federal limit (

2016/04/22: Has your school district tested for lead in its water? (

2016/04/10: A new urgency to test North Jersey schools for lead in water (

2016/04/09: Most school districts in NJ go untested for lead (Press of Atlantic City)

2016/03/27: In Newark, using children as lead detectors (

2016/03/19: Lead at Newark schools: What we know, and what we don’t (

2016/03/19: Elevated lead levels after recent Newark district sampling (

2016/03/10: Lead scare over water in Newark schools underscores NJ’s toxic problem (NJ Spotlight)

2016/03/09: Newark schools shut off water taps in 30 buildings: Elevated lead found, DEP says (Newark Patch)

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