On Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017, Jersey Water Works, the City of Jersey City and members of the New Jersey Brewers Association partnered to sponsor Imagine a Day Without Beer, a local observation of Imagine a Day Without Water. Jersey City participated in Imagine a Day Without Beer as part of its Office of Innovation’s Year of Water.

Organized by the Value of Water campaign, Imagine a Day Without Water is a national education campaign to engage stakeholders, public officials, and the general public about the fact that water is essential, invaluable, and needs investment.  

Imagine a Day Without Beer encouraged Jersey Water Works’ network and members as well as members of the New Jersey Craft Brewers Association to post on social media using the hashtag #NoWaterNoBeer, as a way to raise awareness of the value of water and our infrastructure to our everyday lives.  

Additionally, association member Departed Soles Brewery hosted an event  in Jersey City featuring as speakers Kate Lawrence, the environmental planner for Jersey City, Jennifer Gonzalez, chief sustainability officer, City of Hoboken and Co-chair of the JWW Green Infrastructure Committee, Rob Pirani, program director for the NY – NJ Harbor & Estuary Program at the Hudson River Foundation and a member of the Jersey Water Works Steering Committee, Brian Kulbacki, owner of Departed Soles and Jason Carty, executive director of the craft brewers’ association. The event ended a day-long series of events the City of Jersey City and the City of Hoboken partnered to host.    

A live stream of the Departed Soles event can be viewed here:

“A day without beer is obviously a dire thought for a craft brewery,” said Jason Carty, the executive director of the brewers’ association. “But that’s what could happen if our 70-plus members (and more to come!) don’t have great water. This is a fun way for our members’ patrons to understand more about something that is often invisible until it doesn’t work — our water systems, and how important they are to so many aspects of our day-to-day lives.”

Participating breweries received stickers to promote the event as well as a social media toolkit for them to use to promote the day. In addition to Departed Soles, craft breweries that participated in the day include:

“Our water infrastructure challenges are so often unseen until catastrophe hits. While we take it for granted, can you even imagine a day without water?” said Mark Mauriello, co-chair of the Jersey Water Works Steering Committee. “We need to make sure that we invest in our water infrastructure systems so we can continue to support the many businesses that depend on a clean, plentiful supply of water, including our renowned New Jersey breweries!”

View all of the social media activity by searching #NoWaterNoBeer on Twitter!

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