Receiving 2019 One Water Awards are:

Public Category:

Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants, Inc. for successfully restoring water quality to more than 90 acres of critical wetland along the Pequest River, which will be managed as part of the Kittatinny Valley State Park.

Western Monmouth Utilities Authority for involving the community to train and educate the next generation of the water workforce through establishing its Environmental Professional Development Academy.

Private Category:

American Water and the City of Camden for utilizing effective collaboration with Camden organizations and residents to improve the city’s water challenges.

Jury’s nomination and selection process in 2019 here.

Receiving 2018 One Water Awards are:

Public Category:

The Town of Hammonton for its holistic approach to water management and conservation, including a popular residential rebate program for water-saving devices and its first-in-New-Jersey use of treated wastewater for irrigation of nearby woodlands and recreational fields.

Private Category:

AeroFarms in Newark for its innovative commercial-scale indoor farming facility, which uses 95 percent less water than outdoor agriculture and generates no polluted runoff from the crops it raises.

Non-profit/Academic Category:

Camden SMART for its record of community collaboration, engagement and education and for the 49 “green infrastructure” installations around the city that help manage more than 60 million gallons of stormwater annually, reducing flooding while adding to their neighborhoods’ attractiveness and value.

Jury’s nomination and selection process in 2018 here.

Receiving 2017 One Water Awards are:

Public Category:

The City of Hoboken’s Southwest Park, one of two winners in this category. Southwest Park is the first resiliency park in New Jersey, a one-acre area that incorporates significant stormwater management mechanisms to help control chronic flooding. The City received public input on three occasions on the park’s design and features, and the park’s interpretive signage provides educational opportunities to visitors.

The Landis Sewerage Authority in Vineland, the other winner in this category. As part of the authority’s operating practices, it returns treated wastewater to the ground for aquifer recharge; draws power in part from renewable sources and from co-generation; and fertilizes its 400-acre farm using biosolid byproducts from the co-generation process. The Authority partnered extensively with community and environmental groups and its programs include many opportunities for public education.

Private Category:

Middlesex Water Company, for its assessment/repair of a 30-inch transmission main under a major highway using internal application of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, the first time this rehabilitative technique has been used by a water utility in New Jersey. The Company hosted an information session and invited neighboring utilities, construction and engineering firms for an onsite visit to demonstrate this unique rehabilitation method and to see the application of the unique polymer product for themselves.

Nonprofit/Academic Category:

The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association, for its construction of an innovative wetland wastewater treatment system to replace an earlier failed septic system at its Watershed Center in Hopewell Township. The Association’s project promotes public education through interpretive signage and an audio tour to explain the wetland to visitors.

Jury’s nomination and selection process in 2017 here.



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