An effort of the Municipal Outreach Committee, and in partnership with the New Jersey Urban Mayors Association, Jersey Water Works has engaged New Jersey’s mayors and city councils to build statewide support for water infrastructure investments to reduce flooding, beautify our cities and towns, protect public health and enable economic growth.

The cities and towns who sign to the 21st Century Water Infrastructure Mayoral Proclamation and City Council Resolution endeavor to commit to the following actions in support of 21st-century water:

  1. Urging state and federal leaders to support efforts to upgrade our drinking, sewer and stormwater systems and to promote investments in water infrastructure nationwide through financial and technical assistance;
  2. Upgrading drinking sewer and stormwater systems in ways that will strengthen their communities by employing best practices
  3. Sharing solutions, success stories and annual progress with other municipalities and sewer utilities, through Jersey Water Works

As of December 2015, the following cities have signed on in support:


City of Hoboken
City Council Resolution


City of Elizabeth
Mayoral Proclamation

In addition to the above cities, the New Jersey League of Municipalities passed the 21st Century Water Infrastructure Resolution at it’s 100th Annual Conference on November 18th, 2015.

Want to get your city or town on board?

Download the customizatable City Council Resolution and Mayoral Proclamation.

For questions, please email Ed DiFiglia or call 609-393-0008 ex. 112.



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