New Jersey A•I•M•S4, a downloadable resource for sewer and stormwater infrastructure system managers, was developed by Jersey Water Works members to offer a menu of strategies for managing sewer and stormwater systems that achieve better results at lower cost.

Why New Jersey A•I•M•S4?

Sewer and stormwater managers grapple with aging infrastructure and regulatory requirements. New Jersey A•I•M•S4 offers a series of practical strategies and action steps these managers can take to manage their sewage and stormwater in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.

The New Jersey A•I•M•S4 program includes:

New Jersey A•I•M•S4 seeks to:

  • Assist in permit compliance
  • Lower life-cycle costs and capital-program budgets through actions that achieve effective system optimization and integrated sewer and stormwater management
  • Achieve fiscal sustainability through strategies that build financial and institutional capacity
  • Foster partnerships with the community so that utilities and municipalities are more than good neighbors; they are actively working with their constituents to achieve common goals
  • Encourage utilities to go beyond conventional permit compliance and make a positive difference in the environment and quality of life in their communities

Strategies Identified in New Jersey A•I•M•S4

  • Planning and Understanding Gray and Green Infrastructure Systems
  • Implementation and Optimization of Gray and Green Infrastructure Systems
  • Integrated Sewer and Stormwater Management
  • Green Infrastructure
  • Public Participation and Partnerships
  • Financial and Institutional Capacity

How to Use New Jersey A•I•M•S4

New Jersey A•I•M•S4 is not a one-size-fits-all program. The guide is flexible, and seeks to offer options for a diverse range of communities and managers of sewer and stormwater infrastructure, who know their enterprise best and can assess the applicability, impact, affordability and political feasibility of each action.

Comments / Suggestions?

If you would like to see something added, amended or if you have a general comment on New Jersey A•I•M•S4, please leave us a comment below.

NOTE: New Jersey A•I•M•S4 is intended to complement, leverage and/or add value to regulatory requirements. Several of the actions in the New Jersey A•I•M•S4 Guide generally correspond to topics covered in NJDEP’s municipal stormwater permits, CSO permits, and NJPDES rules. Many of these actions may be relevant and useful to achieve compliance with regulatory requirements; however, New Jersey A•I•M•S4 actions as written are not permit conditions and the guide is not a regulatory guidance document. While it is expected that utilities and municipalities would implement actions outlined in New Jersey A•I•M•S4 that may also assist in meeting regulatory mandates, completion of the actions included in the New Jersey A•I•M•S4 program does not guarantee permit compliance. Wherever there may be conflict between permit requirements and the suggestions of the guide, the permit requirements should be followed.

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