Just what is a CSO, how can it be fixed, and what is required by the new state permits? To help community groups answer these questions, Jersey Water Works members New Jersey Future, NY/NJ Baykeeper, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program and the state Department of Environmental Protection teamed up to develop a suite of fact sheets.

The fact sheets are available in two forms:

  • generic, which can be used in any location; and
  • customizable, which can be tailored with an organization’s information, logo and information specific to individual communities.

The customizable templates have red text indicating areas where organizations can make changes and are provided in Powerpoint format to ensure near universal usability. For detailed instructions download the overview document.

Fixing Our City’s Old Sewers

This fact sheet describes what combined sewers and combined sewer systems are, what sorts of problems they cause, and a general overview of solutions to the problem.
Download the generic version. Download the template versions in EnglishSpanishPortuguese

Our City’s Plumbing Problem

This fact sheet introduces what communities are doing to solve their CSO problem, as well as how the public is expected to be involved. Additionally, this sheet includes a list of solutions that communities may include in their long term plans, and general ideas of how to pay for repairs and upgrades.
Download the generic version. Download in template versions in EnglishSpanishPortuguese

Navigating the CSO Permit

This fact sheet introduces the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Combined Sewer Overflow Long Term Control Plan permits, their requirements and how community members can get involved.
Download in English

Photo: Camden Mayor Dana Redd and volunteers at the Earth Week Kick-off event at the Cooper Sprouts Garden in 2014. Photo Credit: Cooper’s Ferry Partnership.



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