The Jersey Water Works CSO Committee created this page to assist CSO communities with reviewing and submitting comments on the Long Term Control Plans (LTCPs) these plans. You can find past reports related to solutions to combined sewer systems here. For more information or if you have questions, contact backbone staff member, Kimberley Irby (


  • October 1, 2020: CSO LTCPs are submitted to NJDEP
  • October 2020 – January 31, 2021: Public review process and NJDEP review
  • 2021: New five-year CSO permits are issued to the CSO permit holders 

What to Look for in the LTCPs

These questions have been crafted based on the JWW goals for smart combined sewer overflow control plans.

    1. Which projects have been selected and where will they be located? 
      1. Sections: Selected Alternatives and the Implementation Schedule 
    2. What is the timeline?
      1. Sections: Selected Alternatives and the Implementation Schedule 
    3. What is the breakdown between green versus gray infrastructure?
      1. Sections: Selected Alternatives and the Implementation Schedule
    4. How was the public engaged and to what extent were their comments considered?
      1. Section: Public Participation
    5.  How much will these plans cost ratepayers? 
      1. Section: Financial Capability Assessment
    6. How will these plans be funded?
      1. Section: Financial Capability Assessment

Tools Available to Support Self-reviews

Submitting Your Comments

Comments on the LTCPs can be submitted to the appropriate NJDEP contacts. For all comments, we suggest copying Susan Rosenwinkel (, bureau chief of surface water permitting at NJDEP, as well as the relevant permittee contact.

After submitting comments to NJDEP and your CSO permit holder, make sure to share your comments with your local officials, environmental commission, and planning/zoning boards. 

Note that there will be a stakeholder process for the next permit cycle, so keep an eye out for local meetings and other information related to this.

LTCP Fact Sheets

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Other Resources



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