To assist the City of Perth Amboy in addressing its requirements, and create a model for other CSO communities in the Estuary, the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program (HEP) is issuing a request for proposals to document the benefits of green infrastructure. The City of Perth Amboy, along with 20 other combined sewer overflow (CSO) communities in New Jersey, is required by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to obtain a CSO permit and to submit a Long Term Control Plan (LTCP). A LTCP evaluates a community’s water system and identifies how to reduce water flows to its combined sewer system. This is being done in partnership with Perth Amboy SWIM, a collaboration of the City of Perth Amboy, Rutgers Cooperative Extension Water Resources Program (Rutgers), NY/NJ Baykeeper, and other stakeholders, as well as EPA Region 2, NJ DEP, Middlesex County, Jersey Water Works, New Jersey Harbor Dischargers Group, and others.

The selected consultant will help document the benefits of green infrastructure by identifying potential installations across two representative catchment areas in the City of Perth Amboy and modeling their likely contributions to water quality and LTCP permit requirements as well as co-benefits such as enhanced property values, provision of greenspace, air quality, and green jobs. In particular, HEP and its partners are interested in identifying the benefits and challenges of scaling up from pilot projects to a system wide approach and implementation.  A total of $90,000 is available for this approximately 18-month project. Proposals are due March 24th.

Several sets of specific outputs and outcomes are expected, including a screening of potential green infrastructure sites within at least two specific catchment areas; analysis of how creation of green infrastructure source controls in these catchment areas will contribute to achieving Perth Amboy’s LTCP requirements, other clean water goals, and other community and environmental benefits; and Identification of one or more recommended sets of green infrastructure investments/ projects for each of the two catchment areas and a plan for how this preferred set of actions could be implemented over time.

Authorized by EPA at the request of the two governors, the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program focuses on protecting and restoring healthy waterways and productive habitats, managing sediments, fostering community stewardship, educating the public, and improving safe access to its waterways. HEP is hosted by the Hudson River Foundation.  For more information, including maps of the region and HEP’s core areas of focus see the HEP website.

Please see the full RFP ( for specific application instructions.

Rob Pirani is Program Director of the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program and a member of the Jersey Water Works Steering Committee.

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