Through their annual work plans, Jersey Water Works committees plan and implement projects to advance the goals of the collaborative. Any member of the collaborative who wants to participate actively in the work of Jersey Water Works may join a committee.

The committees, their 2019 and 2018 accomplishments, their chairs, the Jersey Water Works 2019 Work Plan and 2018 Work Plan items are listed below. Their accomplishments from 2017 and 2016 can be found here.

Asset Management and Finance

Co-chairs: Dan Kennedy, Utility and Transportation Contractors Association; Larry Levine, Natural Resources Defense Council and David Zimmer, New Jersey Infrastructure Bank
Committee goal: Communities maintain and improve drinking water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure systems to deliver quality water services that meet community needs. Operating budgets and capital investment are adequate and affordable, resulting in systems that operate efficiently and in a state of good repair.

Education and Outreach

Co-chairs: Christine Ballard, T&M Associates; Sandra Meola, New Jersey Audubon; Shoshanna Page, Office of the Mayor, City of Newark (2018)
Committee goal: Well-informed decision makers, community partners, residents and ratepayers participate actively and influence the planning and management of their water infrastructure. They fully understand the importance of taking care of water infrastructure, including the costs of inaction.

Green Infrastructure

Co-chairs: Rosana DaSilva, NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program; Russ Dudley, Arcadis; Chris Obropta, Rutgers Water Resources Program
Committee goal: Communities employ green infrastructure in a way that maximizes community benefits including reduced flooding and improved water quality, local economies, community health and long-term resiliency.

Combined Sewer Overflow

Co-chairs: Drew Curtis, Ironbound Community Corporation; Andy Kricun, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority; Pilar Patterson, Kleinfelder
Committee goal: Municipalities and utilities adopt innovative CSO Long Term Control Plans with cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed permit requirements and provide multiple community benefits.



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