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New Jersey A•I•M•S4

New Jersey Advanced and Integrated Menu of Strategies for Sustainable Sewer and Stormwater Systems (NJ A•I•M•S4)

This downloadable resource for sewer and stormwater infrastructure system managers, was developed by Jersey Water Works members to offer a menu of strategies for managing sewer and stormwater systems that achieve better results at lower cost. The guide is flexible, and seeks to offer options for a diverse range of communities and managers of sewer and stormwater infrastructure, who know their enterprise best and can assess the applicability, impact, affordability and political feasibility of each action.

The New Jersey A•I•M•S4 program includes:

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Green Infrastructure in Parks: A Guide to Collaboration, Funding, and Community Engagement

The green infrastructure guide from the Environmental Protection Agency provides a stepwise approach for building partnerships between stormwater managers and park managers, including information on how to identify and engage partners, build relationships, involve the community, leverage funding opportunities, and identify green infrastructure opportunities. It includes recommendations on the types of projects that are most likely to attract positive attention and funding, and which provide a wide range of benefits.


Green Infrastructure in Parks: A Guide to Collaboration, Funding, and Community Engagement (Environmental Protection Agency)

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New Jersey Developers’ Green Infrastructure Guide

The New Jersey Developers’ Green Infrastructure Guide, put together by New Jersey Future and the New Jersey Builders Association addresses basic questions about green stormwater infrastructure: what it is, how it works, what are its costs and benefits, and why it makes good business sense. Green infrastructure is not the perfect solution for every setting or every project, but it is versatile, it is powerful and it’s the future of stormwater management.


New Jersey Developers’ Green Infrastructure Guide (New Jersey Future and New Jersey Builders Association)

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Stormwater Management Toolkit from America’s Rivers

American Rivers has tools available to help public utility managers communicate about stormwater management and assist them in fostering public support for collecting fees to upgrade and/or maintain water infrastructure.

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Promoting Green Streets: A recipe for integrating water and transportation infrastructure investment

This guide, developed by The River Network and Hawkins Partners, Inc., helps support city administrators, planners, designers, and environmental advocates in determining the potential — and developing strategies — for green streets in their cities and watersheds. Many large cities have made intentional commitments to green street strategies to reduce stormwater runoff that contributes to combined sewer overflows.

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Take Action Against Lead

Jersey Water Works recognizes that not only modern, robust water infrastructure but also an informed public are crucial for the health of our children, our communities and ultimately our economy. In this section of our lead resource library, we provide steps residents can take to limit their risk to exposure to lead in drinking water.  Click here for an introduction to the full Lead Resource Library.

5 Things You Can Do To Help Lower Your Child’s Lead Level (CDC)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released this straightforward list detailing how to prevent lead poisoning in the home from all sources, not just drinking water.

Actions You Can Take To Reduce Lead in Drinking Water (EPA)

The Environmental Protection Agency answers frequently asked questions about immediate actions to take to reduce lead in drinking water in your home. Definitions to relevant terms are also provided.

Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention (NJ DOH)

The NJ Department of Health website provides detailed information on how to prevent your child from getting lead poisoning, how to screen for lead, and case management for a lead poisoned child. It includes links to online educational and environmental resources as well as contact information for community based educational resources.

What You Need to Know About Water Filters to Remove Lead (USA Today)

This article includes information about home water filtration devices including effectiveness, maintenance, best models and cost. It provides links to further information about home water filters and a video about how lead gets into our home. March 2016.


Certified Lead Evaluation Contractors (NJ Department of Community Affairs)

This spreadsheet provides contact information for certified residential lead testing contractors around New Jersey. June 2016.

Lead Service Line Replacement Collaborative (LSLR)

The Lead Service Line Replacement collaborative’s goal is to accelerate voluntary lead service line replacement in communities across the United States.  This site provides information to help communities facilitate full LSL replacement.