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Engaged Communities

Upgrading the water systems in New Jersey’s cities and towns is a generational challenge that must serve the residents and businesses who pay the bills, and the elected officials responsible for addressing a host of community issues.

Effective community engagement processes feature active the participation of community partners and ratepayers, who are able to influence the planning and management of their water infrastructure. Community support is also reflected in municipal plans, ordinances.


Value of Water Coalition National Survey

The results of a new national poll conducted by the Value of Water Coalition found that Americans are deeply concerned about the state of the country’s water infrastructure, and most would be willing to pay more on their monthly water bill once they understood the need for investment. This PowerPoint shows detailed results from the poll as well as conclusions and recommendations from the researchers.


Customizable CSO Factsheets

This series of three fact sheets is designed for use by residents, local organizations, and anyone else interested in educating the general public on combined sewer overflows and CSO solutions.

Two of the fact sheets, Our City’s Plumbing Problem and Fixing Our Old Sewers, are available in two forms: generic, which can be used in any location; and customizable, which can be tailored with an organization’s information, logo and information specific to its community. Each of the customizable versions has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. The third fact sheet, Navigating the CSO Permit, is provided in the generic format.

Instructions on how to use the customizable templates are included in the Overview document. 2015.

Overview Customizable CSO Factsheets

Our City’s Plumbing Problem

General Use

Customizable Template

Nuestro Problema de Tuberías en la Ciudad

O Problema de Encanamento da Nossa Cidade

Fixing Our City’s Old Sewers

General Use

Customizable Template

Arreglando en Nuestra Ciudad Viejos Alcantarillados

Consertando os Velhos Esgotos da Nossa Cidade

Navigating the CSO Permit


Growing Pains: A Burgeoning Jersey City Contends With Aging Water Infrastructure

This case study highlights the prescient investment in water infrastructure the city made in the 1970s that is allowing its booming growth today. 2014.