Communicating the value of our water infrastructure in building strong economies, vibrant communities and healthy environment is an important first step in upgrading our systems statewide.

Learn more about our communications projects below.

Jersey Water Works Social Media Toolkit on Water Infrastructure

The Jersey Water Works Community Engagement Committee has compiled memes, posts and tweets that can be used to help you raise awareness about combined-sewer overflow pollution, flooding, runoff and the need for water infrastructure investment. The goal is to engage stakeholders and the public in water infrastructure issues.

Education Resources on Water Infrastructure for the Classroom Inside and Outside of School

The Jersey Water Works Community Engagement Committee worked with a New Jersey Future intern to develop a compilation of educational resources on water infrastructure that can be used inside and outside of school.  The content is separated by what is thought to be useful for inside and outside of the classroom. Videos, for example, are in the section for outside of the classroom but could be used to supplement a classroom lesson as well. In addition, there are sets of activities for students across grades, which have been further subdivided into categories: Non-Point Source Solutions; Stormwater; Water Cycle; Water Supply and Wastewater; Watershed; Water Quality; and Miscellaneous.

Connecting With Stakeholders On Water Infrastructure: DC Water Workshops

In Fall 2016, experts from DC Water’s consulting arm,  Blue Drop, conducted five workshops for New Jersey’s cities and utilities on how to successfully make the case for water infrastructure investment that were co-presented by Jersey Water Works the NJ Urban Mayors Association and the NJ Department of Environmental Protection. Additionally, after a competitive application process, one-on-one consulting was provided to the City of  Newark, the City of Jersey City and the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission. Learn more about the project and download customizable resources!

Educational Signs on Combined Sewer Outfalls

The Jersey Water Works Community Engagement Committee has developed graphic images for signage that can be used by combined sewer system cities and towns, organizations, and individuals to educate the general public on combined sewer overflows. These images have been approved by the NJDEP for permit holders to use to help fulfill their NJ CSO permit public participation requirement.

People Care About Water Infrastructure: Polling Results on Water Infrastructure

People in New Jersey and across the nation prize clean water, they share a concern about their water systems and they are willing to pay more to improve and modernize their water systems. Learn more here.

91 percent of New Jerseyans prioritized protecting the drinking water supply, which outranked nine other issues including improving education and reducing property taxes. (2011, Monmouth University Polling Institute)

Communications Resources for Funding Stormwater Management

This section of the website offers a host of communications resources for stormwater-management funding initiatives, including case studies, results of public opinion polls, guidance documents, free online courses, templates, customizable handouts, illustrative photos and other resources.

Photo caption: Mayor Zimmer, City of Hoboken & Officials Break Ground on 7th & Jackson Resiliency Park.