Honorary Co-Chairs

Hon. James Florio

Governor of New Jersey, 1990-1994; Founding Partner, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Fader

Hon. Christine Todd Whitman

Governor of New Jersey, 1994-2001; Founder, Whitman Strategy Group

Jersey Water Works Steering Committee

The Jersey Water Works Steering Committee leads the collaborative; member organizations and individuals advance shared goals  through their participation on various committees. Steering Committee members represent the diverse sectors engaged in the collaborative.


The steering committee leads Jersey Water Works by: Setting the shared vision, goals and strategic direction of the collaborative, including advocacy priorities; Monitoring strategy and policy implementation progress and creating synergy across engaged organizations and committee activities; Identifying opportunities to mobilize members for action; Acting as a role model for collaboration; and Setting standards and criteria for leveraging of new resources.

Jersey Water Works Steering Committee members

Jane Kenny
Whitman Strategy Group, Co-Chair

Alyssa Arcaya
United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 2, Ex-Officio Non-Voting Government Member

Jennifer Brunton
The Louis Berger Group Inc.

Drew Curtis
Ironbound Community Corporation

Randy Solomon
Sustainable Jersey

Peggy Gallos
Association of Environmental Authorities of New Jersey

Andrew Hendry
New Jersey Utilities Association

Peter Kasabach
New Jersey Future

Dan Kennedy
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Ex-Officio Non-Voting Government Member

Andy Kricun
Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority

Mark Mauriello
Edgewood Properties, Co-Chair

Larry Levine*
Natural Resources Defense Council

Debbie Mans*
NY/NJ Baykeeper

Stephen Marks
City of Hoboken

Meishka Mitchell*
Cooper’s Ferry Partnership

Chris Obropta
Rutgers Water Resources Program

Shoshanna Page*
New Jersey Urban Mayors Association

Rob Pirani*
NY/NJ Harbor and Estuary Program

Dan Van Abs
Rutgers University

Margaret Waldock
Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation

David Zimmer*
New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust, Ex-Officio Non-Voting Government Member

*Committee Chair